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About DP World

About DP World

DP World, the leading provider of global smart end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions, has been the title partner of the DP World Tour since the start of the 2022 season, the Tour’s 50th season following its formation in 1972.

DP World are the leading provider of smart logistics solutions, enabling the flow of trade across the globe. They think ahead, anticipate change and deploy industry-leading technology to create the smartest, most efficient and innovative trade solutions, while ensuring a positive and sustainable impact on economies, societies and our planet.

DP World is on a mission to reimagine the global supply chain. They want to connect you with the things you love and need in ways that are faster, smarter, and more sustainable than ever. They achieve this through a wide range of products and services that touch every aspect of life. Whether you’re a car manufacturer in China or chili farmer in Rwanda, they will help you reach new markets and consumers, making it simpler than ever to scale your businesses anywhere on earth.

DP World gives used golf balls second life with shipping container

DP World's Golf Ball Container

DP World’s unique Second Life Container is returning for the 2023/24 DP World Tour season, as the global supply chain company continues its efforts to grow grassroots golf around the world.

The 20-foot shipping container is an innovative concept designed to give golf balls a second life in grassroots golf projects around the world. Rather than ending up in landfills, or hidden away in cupboards at home, the unwanted golf balls collected during the season will be repurposed and redistributed to support grassroots golf projects, helping to give more people access to the sport.

Over the past two seasons, 280,000 golf balls have been collected in numerous ways as the Second Life container, covered thousands of kilometres across land and sea. Donations were made from DP World Tour players, fans, governing bodies, professional golf ball divers, ball-collecting dogs, and children’s golf ball hunts. So far, balls have been sent to initiatives around the world, including Junior Golf Foundation in Kenya, the South African Disabled Golf Association and Golf Foundation India.

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