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G4D Tour players help to promote inclusiveness of golf in clinics held at G4D Tour @ Singapore Classic 
Golf for Good

G4D Tour players help to promote inclusiveness of golf in clinics held at G4D Tour @ Singapore Classic 

Stars of the G4D (Golf for the Disabled) Tour gave their time to help showcase the inclusive nature of golf and encourage others to take part during the third event of the 2023 season in Singapore.

World Number One Kipp Popert was joined by Oliver Hirst-Greenham, David Watts and Geoffrey Nicholas as two golf clinics were staged at the G4D Tour @ Singapore Classic earlier this week.

Both sessions were held in partnership with the European Disabled Golf Association [EDGA] and the Singapore Disability Council, with English pair Popert and Hirst-Greenham offering their hand in enabling guests from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore to learn about the game.

Popert, who was born with a form of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia, gave a quick introduction to a group of school children before helping them with the basics around putting and chipping.

Singapore Classic EDGA

“Golf has been a massive part of my life,” said the five-time G4D Tour winner.

“Not only giving me a focus but also improved the quality of my life. These kids will have to do stretching operations and golf for me was a reason through it.

“For my parents the operations were to give me a higher quality of life but for me it was always so that I could win golf tournaments.

“If they find golf, be it a hobby or something else to help them, it is just an honour to show them this game and see if they like it.”

Most had never played golf before the fun-filled exercises which offered an ideal introduction to the sport. 

"It was so interesting to learn that one of the players had CP (Cerebral Palsy) and it was very motivating to see that he was so good at golf. It made me want to try harder to be good at golf," said Persis, a local student.

Hirst-Greenham added: “It shows that anybody with a disability can play golf. They can just enjoy it at the lowest or highest level. It is just fantastic.”

The second clinic was held with members of the Down Syndrome Association on Tuesday, with South African Watts joined by Australian Nicholas while two local professionals were on hand to assist.

“It’s a terrific initiative by the Tour to always bring in people who don’t get the opportunity to play this great game or who might struggle with certain aspects of life and give them some relief,” said Watts, who claimed his maiden G4D Tour title at Laguna National Golf Resort Club on Tuesday.

EDGA-Down Syndrome Association-Singapore

“It is great to be a part of. You have always got to look to help others and this is one of the ways that we can give back a little bit.”

Reflecting on his first experience of playing golf, student Ling Yun said: "I was a little afraid at first to learn golf, but as I kept trying and practising, I got better and more confident.

“I learnt to focused on the ball and aimed. I really like the game as it is fun, and it is played in such a big area!"

The DP World Tour, through the European Tour group’s Golf for Good initiative, launched the G4D Tour in 2022.

It provided a transformational package of financial, commercial and media support for EDGA to further strengthen their commitment to broaden opportunities to get involved with the sport.

Scott Bennett, Head of Communications and G4D Project Manager, said: “EDGA aims to provide opportunities that allow individuals with a disability (IwD) to engage with our game, how and where they choose.

“The G4D @ Singapore Classic, highlighted that IwDs could experience the health benefits of golf, create friendships and if they choose, start along the competitive pathway. We firmly believe that everyone can benefit from our great game.

“EDGA is proud to continue its work with the DP World Tour, hosting two development clinics here in Singapore for local IwDs supported by several G4D Tour players.

“We will continue to support local communities at future G4D Tour events, in hope that one day a future rising star is born.”

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